How long will your HVAC system last?

A lot of people wonder how long can an HVAC system could last. When you purchase an entire heating ventilation and air conditioning, you’ll notice that it can be very costly and would mean an entire investment for your family.

People who are looking to buy an HVAC system will always make it a priority to know the energy efficiency of this equipment. But you should always remember to ask on how long the system can last.

This is important because your family will depend on the HVAC system through the rough times. You would like to ensure that the whole system will work, especially during weather conditions for which you would rather stay inside the house. There are a lot of variables that should be considered if you want to estimate how long your systems can last.

These 4 variables are just the common factors that should be considered:

  1. Climate – If you live in a place where there is too much heat, then you can expect the HVAC system to work extra harder for your home compared to a place that would have a cooler environment.

  2. Size of the system – If you’re trying to cool down an entire building with just a small HVAC system, then it is only natural that this system will work twice as hard just to cope up with the space of the building.

  3. Maintenance – Always maintaining and cleaning your HVAC system could extend its function life by years. Equipment that’s not properly maintained could easily damage and deteriorate it.

  4. Quality – Most HVAC system would give you the quality that will fit the price that you paid for it. You should make sure that you get a quality brand that is energy efficient and durable.

While there are a lot of variable that should be considered when estimating the life of equipment, here’s a rough estimation for their life spans. Always remember that these estimations can differ on how often you use and clean your entire system.

  • Central air conditioners – With regular maintenance, could last 10 to 15 years.

  • Ducting – The NACHI estimates this HVAC component to last for 60 up to 200 years.

  • Dehumidifiers – When used to remove moisture from a typical basement they could last for 8 years.

  • Thermostats – This component could last for 35 years.

  • Heat pumps – It could work properly for around 16 years.

  • Steam radiant heater or hot water – If you use this type of component for a lot of rooms, then it would typically last for 15 years.

  • Electric radiant heaters –Could work for approximately 40 years.

  • Dampers – You can expect at least 20 years for this component.

  • Registers, diffusers, and grillers – A good estimate for this is 40 years.

  • Attic fans - will typically last 15 to 25 years.

  • Condenser – Depending on the brand and quality, will last around 8 to 20 years.

  • Gas fireplace –A typical gas fireplace will last around 15 years.

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