Increase your A/C Efficiency

When the warmer months roll around, your energy bills can seem to trend upwards a bit, especially with the addition of an air conditioning system running around the clock. So what can you do to improve the efficiency of not only your air conditioner, but your home, to keep it cooler without increasing your energy bills?

Air Conditioning Efficiency

The first step to getting the best efficiency out of your air conditioning system is to ensure you schedule the proper maintenance for your machine. When your A/C is working too hard and inefficiently, the thermostat on the system will recognize heat and cause the air conditioner to run more frequently than it should. Keep your air conditioner clean and clear from any dust and debris. This can cause it to become overheated and not work as efficient as it should as well.

Check your filters monthly and make sure they are clean. Dirty filters can increase energy cost and cause systems to freeze up. This will lead to unwanted service calls and even possible water damage due to icing above ceilings.

Use Windows for Cool Air

If you live in a location that becomes cooler at night time, you can turn off your air conditioning and just open up your windows while you sleep at night. This way when you wake up in the morning you can shut your windows and pull down the blinds to keep the cool air inside. Once the air outside becomes warmer and more humid, try to reframe from opening your windows at night as you will let in unwanted humidity in the house that your air conditioner will have to work hard to remove once you close them.

Install window shades that prevent heat from getting through your windows. This will help to keep all the cool air in, that comes from your Air Conditioner.

Operating Your Thermostat Properly

You will want to place your thermostat as high as is most comfortable for you in the summer time. The lower the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your energy bill will end up being.

By keeping your home warmer than you normally would while you are gone, and lowering only when you are home, you can save money as well. A programmable thermostat can help with this feature.

Set your programmable thermostat 3-5 degrees higher when away than the temperature you desire when you're home. This will cut down on how often your air conditioner runs when you're not home. Use less of a temperature difference when the temps outside are more extreme.

Use Fans When Necessary

Another way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system is to use a ceiling fan which will allow you to increase the temperature on your thermostat, with no reduction to the comfort levels in your home.


Getting the best efficiency out of your air conditioning system is important when it comes to keeping your energy bills lower in the warmer months. Making sure you keep your air conditioning system clean from any dirt and debris is another great tip to help maximize and increase your overall energy efficiency in your system. With these simple tips, you can ensure you stay cool all season long without raising the bills.

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