Steps to ensure your HVAC is Fall ready

Fall is here and that's a time for Virginia residents when it could be blistering hot one day and freezing cold the next. Most days might include opening up the windows for some fresh air, while some may be a day to crank up the A/C or start up the heat. Before you crank up the heat though, it's smart to ensure your HVAC is ready for "action." To ensure your HVAC runs smooth throughout the fall and into winter, it's wise to take some steps to prepare you unit.

1. Check your Filters: Filters should be changed every 3o days, sometimes they can last longer, but rule of thumb is 30 days (or at least check them every 30 days). By keeping your filters clean, you are freeing your unit from excess debris or clogs that could prevent your HVAC from running efficiently, which could lead to other problems.

2. Check the outdoor unit: The outdoor unit is just as important as the indoor unit. Ensure that it too is kept clean. While you're outside doing some fall home projects, make an effort to check outdoor unit for any debris. To clean the outdoor unit, turn it off and then spray away any debris with a water hose.

3. Schedule a Tune Up: Call Comfort Source or your local HVAC company and schedule a tune up. During this appointment, you will be taking preventive maintenance to ensure your HVAC unit is running to the highest level of efficiency. Doing so will save you money on utility bills and keeping your home at a comfortable and healthy temperature.

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