Do not hire "Joe Schmo" for your HVAC (or any other home project for that matter)

Bad Contractor HVAC

We can't help but notice a lot of recent comments on social media and online reviews of people putting it out there, that they hired a contractor that either A: Didn't complete the job, B: Made something worse or C: Broke something else in the meantime and now they won't return to the job or even a phone call! Winter seems to be a good time to do in home renovation projects or upgrades. While it's tempting to hire "the cheap bid," it's usually not the wisest decision "the saying that "cheaper isn't always better" holds true! Good service and quality installation rarely go along with a "Cheaper price".

So how do you know you've hired the right professional?

1. Make sure that the company you hire is licensed and insured, including workers comp!

In ensuring that your contractor is licensed and insured, you gain security, and piece of mind, while they also protect themselves. It's a WIN-WIN. If they are in your home and they have an accident, their workers comp will cover it, and your home insurance won't take a "beating".

2. Appearance and communication counts!

First impressions mean a lot! When you meet with your "potential contractor," take note of how they present themselves. Are they clean dressed? Do they have good hygiene (yes that matters a lot)? Are they easy to communicate with and reached in a timely manner if you need them? These are just a few questions you might consider when prospecting.

3. Get References!

Even if a prospect passes #1 and #2, a good final check is "references". Get a list of a few names and contact information from those that have worked with your contractor before (and recently). You don't have to go into details about what their project entailed, but simple feedback is great! You can also check online reviews as well. Websites such as Houz, Facebook, Yelp and Google Plus are just a few places you can search for reviews at.

Good luck with your project!

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