Why does your AC freeze up?

There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner freezes up, and it all comes down to the right balance of airflow.

Air conditioners need to circulate cool airflow to the coil, while warm air from inside the home keeps the coil from getting too cold. Without the proper balance of airflow temperatures, coils freeze before the condensed water can be drained away from the unit. Other parts in your unit that can jeopardize the flow of air is your air filter. Air filters should be changed and/or cleaned on a routine basis. Low refrigerant levels are also a common issue and can cause the fan in your unit to malfunction. When that happens, it prevents airflow to the coil, which then causes the coil to freeze, thus freezing your unit.

Other common problems that may cause an air conditioner to freeze, might include a faulty thermostat, or drainage problems. The drainage problems are caused when the coil gets frozen and blocks the ability for condensed water to drain properly, as it creates a blockage. The AC until will still run but doesn’t properly cool your home/office and uses a lot more electricity. If this happens with your unit, Comfort Source HVAC suggests that you:

  1. Turn the unit off! This will allow the frozen unit the thaw so that it can be diagnosed and repaired effectively. Should you NOT turn off the unit, you will risk causing an even bigger issue and putting added strain on the compressor, costing you a larger repair.

  2. Call Comfort Source HVAC, or your preferred local HVAC specialists to get your system up and running again!

Comfort Source HVAC isn’t just an HVAC business. We take pride in our customers and their comfort is our commitment! Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, Comfort Source will ensure their dedication to every customer we work with. In fact, we are so committed to our customers and to serving the local area, that we offer maintenance plans. Our maintenance plans are designed to potentially eliminate scenario’s such as this one, with an air conditioner that freezes up. As much as you may love Virginia, the humidity level can feel overwhelming at times, and that’s something that you simply don’t want to invite into your home, causing you and your family much discomfort. Taking advantage of a maintenance plan offers you security that your unit(s) are maintained properly to high industry standards. At the same time, you will also qualify for a discount on services/repairs should something unforeseen occur with your unit(s), while it’s under a plan agreement with Comfort Source. Even better, you can cancel anytime!

Feel free to contact us today with any HVAC concerns, questions about our maintenance plans, or to schedule an AC checkup/tune up to be certain your unit is ready for that VA heat!

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