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Ductless units are becoming more and more known throughout the Charlottesville area, and a continued question is about the effectiveness of a ductless unit. People wonder what area they are best for? How much square footage a single unit can heat or cool? And how do these machines work?

For starters, we'll leave the nitty gritty technical jargon for another blog, but as far as answering questions about effectiveness and efficiency. . . that's what a customer truly wants to know and understand, so here we have it.

Can a ductless unit cool off my entire space, even if it's in the middle of our #C'ville July? Quick answer, "yes", but just as in a traditional central air unit, the space that you're trying to keep cool/heat is measured, so you want to be sure that you're getting the right size system(s). Depending on the layout of your home/space, you may need/want smaller single units placed in different rooms of your house. This will promote the highest effectiveness and efficiency. Remember, it's "ductless", so there is only air circulating and moving in any given space. If you have a large open basement, you will need a system that is larger than one that might be for bedroom. To ensure you get the most efficiency out of your system and the level of effectiveness you expect, Comfort Source of Charlottesville, Va, is happy to provide you with your estimate, and you can request one right on their home page.

Do ductless units require maintenance?

Yes, just as any machine, and especially a machine you invested in and rely on for you/your family, maintenance is to be expected. Ductless units should get TLC/cleanings as needed. This might be twice a year, or even once a year, as it depends on how often you use your ductless unit, and also depends on the current indoor air quality, and the environment surrounding the unit. A home with pets for example may increase your chances of needing maintenance more frequently. Customers can avoid having to worry or check their current maintenance needs by reaching out to Comfort Source and getting on a maintenance plan; This makes it super easy to ensure your maintenance is up to date and that your unit(s) are functioning at optimal condition!

How long do ductless units last?

Ductless heating and cooling systems will last for decades, providing home and business owners with dependable indoor comfort and convenient, cost-effective, energy-efficient operation. If you keep it well-maintained, your ductless air conditioning system should give you over 20 years of reliable service.

So to reassure you, the Mitsubishi ductless units that Comfort Source sells comes with a 12 year Parts warranty! Comfort Source is proud to be a "Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer". A designation given to a small percentage of dealers. This gives our customers a sense of security knowing that they are well taken care of for a minimum of the warranty.

If you have other questions, would like to request a quote or want to know if a ductless unit would be a good choice for your home or business, contact us today!

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