Should your replace or repair your HVAC?

Picture this, it's a hot day in Virginia, the middle of July and your HVAC is struggling to keep up. You just had new freon put in the unit last month, you changed your air filters, you've done your due diligence to maintain your system the best way you know how. . . so, it doesn't need to be replaced, right!?

Well, kudos to you for keeping up the maintenance! Secondly, the answer to your question is actually that a new system may in fact be what you need. Replacing freon in a unit, or even having routine checkups and maintenance done, doesn't mean it will last a lifetime. Maintenance simply keeps it running as effectively and efficiently as it can and for as long as it can. Things do break though, and when that time comes, it's sometimes best to not keep playing the game of "trial and error," and bite the bullet.

A skilled HVAC contractor, like Comfort Source can come out and diagnosis the system, do a thorough check for leaks and overall function and if there is an ongoing issue or an issue that keeps leading to other problems, those facts will be taken into account as well.

So here's what you should do:

1. Have a skilled HVAC contractor on your side who will offer you options for comparison on repair vs. replace.

2. You or your HVAC company can check too, to see if your unit is still under any type of warranty.

3. When getting a quote for possible replacement, your HVAC contractor should supply you with more than one option, and possibly three or more. Options will vary depending on your living space, and current set up.

4. If you replace the unit, take advantage of special financing or promotions. Contractors such as Comfort Source HVAC are custom care dealers for American Standard and Diamond dealer for Mitsubishi. This gives their customers incentives that may not be available with another dealer of the same brands.

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