Clean your HVAC Air Vents

Dust, Dirt, Hair, Spider Webs… Oh my!

You probably don’t want to know how many millions of particles and allergens are floating around in the air ducts of your home. No matter how regularly and well you clean your house, particles circulate around and become trapped and clogged. One of the best things you can do for your family is clean your air vents! This not only ensures the circulation of clean air, but can save you money on both heating and air conditioning.

How do I go about cleaning my air vents?

  1. Turn the power to your HVAC system off.

  2. Remove the air duct covers, grates and caps from walls and ceilings.

  3. Use a long hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to reach deep into vents.

  4. Using a wet cloth or brush, clean the covers/grates that you removed.

  5. Be sure that moisture and dirt cannot enter your HVAC system through air ventss

Since the air ducts are only one component of your HVAC system, we highly recommend that you schedule regular preventive maintenance. We offer a Maintenance Plan that can extend the life of your HVAC components, decrease utility costs and reduce the possibility of emergency calls and unwanted breakdowns.

For more information on our Maintenance Plan, please click here.

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