Keeping the Humidity Level Inside Your Home Comfortable

As you well know, we can’t avoid the very high humidity that accompanies a central Virginia summer. I think I can speak for most when I say I look forward to the cool, crisp air conditioned indoors during those summer months! The last thing I want is to step through my front door and feel just as much humidity inside. Here are some tips for keeping your house cool and comfortable while keeping the humidity outside.

The air inside your home should be between 30-50% humidity. Anything above that will feel sauna-like and uncomfortable. If your current system doesn’t display the humidity level, you can purchase a simple thermometer that will measure it for you. Other than making the environment uncomfortable for your family, there are additional negative implications for homes with high humidity.

Some of those implications can include:

  • You may have trouble sleeping since the air feels hotter and wetter

  • Mold can start to grow in multiple places within your home, and rust can occur

  • Your clothes and upholstery may start to mildew, causing stains and ruined fabric

  • Wood on your windows and doors can swell, causing irreparable damage

  • Lastly, your hair can become frizzy and your makeup will not set correctly

To deal with high humidity levels inside, consider trying one or all of the following:

  • Replace furnace and AC filters

  • Take shorter showers to produce less steam

  • Run your clothes dryer less, opting to hang clothes outside to dry

  • Check for any water leaks, including condensation on water pipes

  • Use fans to help move air and assist with evaporation

If those suggestions don’t correct your problem, one easy long-term fix is to have us install a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can either collect water from the air into a basin, which you can use to water plants or for other purposes, or it can be worked into your plumbing so that you never have to empty a basin. Dehumidifier’s will tell you what the relative humidity is, so that you can set it to turn on at a certain level and shut off once that optimum level has been reached. This is a surefire way to keep the humidity in your home down during those cool, summer months!

We are only a short few weeks away from summer, so give us a call today to discuss the best options for your family and home! (434) 975-4328.

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