Benefits of a Zoning System

Do you notice temperature fluctuations from room to room throughout your house? Is one room or area always hot, but another room stays cold? This is precisely why there are HVAC Zoning Systems.

What is a multi-zone HVAC?

Your house (or even your office building) can be divided up into several zones so that you can control the temperature in each zone separately. This allows you to make up for hot and cold spots throughout your home, better control the temperature on different floors, or even manage preferences in different rooms.

What are the benefits?

Aside from keeping a comfortable indoor temperature across all rooms in your house, a zoning system is more efficient than a typical HVAC system and can save you approximately 30% on your energy bills. Be sure to designate bedrooms as their own zone, so that you can keep those rooms cool/warm all night long without using energy in every other area of the house.

Is my home a good candidate?

Nearly every home could benefit from a multi-zone system. Homes with an open floor plan, with floor-to-ceiling windows or large glass areas, multi-level homes and ones with finished basements and attic spaces will see even more benefits. The ability to create different temperatures across areas in your home is convenient and comfortable.

Can I modify my existing HVAC into a multi-zone system?

The main difference between a multi-zone system and a single-zone system are dampers within the ducts that direct hot and cold air to specific areas of the home. You will also have an additional control panel that allows your thermostat to communicate with the dampers and HVAC unit. An upgraded thermostat will be programmable so that you can choose different temperatures and settings throughout all of the zones. Most existing HVAC units can be turned into an energy efficient multi-zone system!

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