The top 3 things you can do to create comfort in your Charlottesville Home – and Why your Comfort is

Your home is your space. It’s you’re lifestyle, solitude and there’s no coincidence that it’s referred to as a “humble abode.” What does that mean for you though? What makes your home the most comfortable? Some may say it’s who you share your home with that makes it comfortable. We know this is true as well, but also consider the “physical” comfort in your home.

Having your comfort be our commitment isn’t just our tag line, it’s how we think of you. By “you” we don’t mean just our current customers, we mean every customer in our Charlottesville market. That means every past, present and future customer. We do what we do because when people are comfortable in their home, it makes them more productive, more focused, improves their sleep and ultimately allows them to be happier as a whole.

Here are some ways to monitor and manage the comfort in your home:

Temperature and humidity: T In true HVAC fashion, this is a BIG one in our book! Whether it’s a space in your home that doesn’t seem to be circulating air just right, a drafty room, or a room that feels “stuffy,” address it. Have an HVAC professional (like Comfort Source) come out and evaluate your concerns and even the air quality in your home (see more about this below).

Air Quality: While the temperature may seem right, and even your humidity levels feel just fine, what about your air quality? The amount of bacteria and pollutants in the air would surprise you. You can’t see them, so how would you know they were there? Well. . .for one, you may suffer allergies and experience them worse if you have poor air quality. You and your family too will likely experience more bouts of sickness, and odors could be building up in your home that you’re immune to as well. You see, the reality is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has discovered that indoor air quality can be up to 2x-5x more polluted than the outdoors. Combining this with the fact that the average person spending 90% of their time inside, it’s no wonder why indoor air pollution is ranked as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.Sadly, indoor air pollution is caused by so many different things that 96% of homes have at least one element indoors that contributes to lower quality of breathable air. At Comfort Source, we offer solutions to improve your air quality (and ultimately your health). If you’re interested in learning what those solutions are, give us a call or check out for more information.

Organize, declutter and tidy-up: The last thing, but also just as important thing on our list of ways to gain comfort in your home is linked to the cleanliness of your home. No, you don’t have to be OCD, but prioritizing things like taking out the trash, putting away laundry, decluttering floor space and eliminating “things” that don’t serve a purpose to your family, home or lifestyle is beneficial to your clarity, focus, health and yep, you guessed it, comfort!

Out of the 3 ways to create comfort in your Charlottesville home, there’s not a single one that we would say is more important than the other. All three go hand in hand and play off of one-another. We do what we do because we want you to be the most comfortable in your space. While our trade may be HVAC, out business model and goals revolve around providing a comfortable and healthy atmosphere to anyone that chooses Comfort Source HVAC as their local HVAC resource.

Contact us today about any concerns you have about the comfort of your home. Should you not be in the Charlottesville, VA area, we may know of someone that could serve you as well, and we are happy to refer

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